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Epaperz is a multi solution firm engaged in the IT business for over twenty years. The journey to provide cost effective solutions began in 2000 and the main focus of Epaperz has been delivering quality but at reasonable costs. We have worked on digital documentation projects for some of the leading libraries. We mostly do white label web development work for other design agencies.

Mission Statement

Think the customer to be your friend not a profit making tool.

Give the customer what he wants not what you have in mind.

Compromise on profits not on quality.

About the design

We at Epaperz believe in simplicity. Without complicating things for our customers, we believe in providing to the point solutions. This one page design is a step in that direction. We feel that in today's fast moving environment, conveying your point across in the shortest possible time is important, rather than filling up hundreds of pages and making it difficult for the client to make their decision.

What We Do

  • CMS Based Website Design / Development using Joomla®™ and WordPress®™ Content Management Systems
  • Website conversion from one format to another
  • Domain Registration
  • Website Hosting
  • Bulk Scanning / Digital Documentation

White Label Solutions

We have been working with Design Studios across the world for many years now and do white label work for them. No direct contact is made with the client and all work appears done at your end rather than via Epaperz. This helps smaller or bigger studios expand their work and business without needing to invest immediately into manpower.

This is beneficial to everyone, the studio can add more solutions to its list, the client can get their work done in the areas we work and we benefit from getting to work on diverse projects.

For example, a client specifically needs work done using WordPress®™ and contacts Design Studio ABC/XYZ. ABC/XYZ does not work on WordPress®™. In that case they can contact us and we can complete the project using WordPress®™.

Contact Us

Planning to get any kind of Information Technology Solution? Please contact us and we can provide a free quote.

Drop us a line at : help@epaperz.com

Or if you wish to speak to us call us on :

+91 98981 26323

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